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I was out chain fishing and caught a shiny Dragalge on the 80th encounter (hooray!). So, of course, I want to use it in my team, perhaps as a Fairy-murderer. However, it's nature is Adamant, therefore utterly destroying any hopes of running a Sludge Bomb/Dragon Pulse set. But, the Kiloude City Judge (or creepy guy with purple hair) said that it had "fantastic" Atk IV, which of course isn't perfect, but still workable.

So I wanted to work my way around this, and perhaps utilize my Dragalge as a Physical Sweeper instead (or any other possible roles). The moves I've been considering are:

  • Aqua Tail
  • Dragon Tail
  • Poison Tail
  • Toxic

But I'm not too sure how it would turn out. Even though this wouldn't be used competitively, I want to have a good moveset. Any suggestions/advice are welcome, but I intend on keeping my Dragalge and not hunt for a new one.

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Hmmm... Physical Dragalge... this is going to be intersting.

I'm afraid to say that if this is in XY, you're out of luck. Dragalge gets virtually no good physical moves outside of Dragon Tail, Waterfall, Poison Tail and Aqua Tail (Play Rough as an Egg Move, but you can't get that on yours). If you go for a physical Dragalge in XY, it's going to suck.


If you can manage to transfer it to ORAS, all of the sudden you have a brutal surprise Fairy-killer. It gains access to beautiful moves in Outrage and Gunk Shot via Move Tutor, giving it gloriously powerful dual STABs. It also gets Waterfall, Iron Tail, Dragon Tail and Bounce as coverage moves. While it's base Attack leaves a lot to be desired, it can kill some of the bulkier Fairies with a surprise Choice Band Gunk Shot. Choice Band not only gives it enough power to KO unwary Fairies, CB also boosts the power of Outrage to a level almost as good as non-banded physical Dragons.

Also, a physical movepool consisting of Gunk Shot / Waterfall / Outrage / Iron Tail allows you to take advantage of Poison Touch, if you have it.

The two sets I suggest for physical Dragalge are as follows:

[email protected] Choice Band
Ablity: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Gunk Shot
- Waterfall
- Outrage/Dragon Tail
- Iron Tail/Dragon Tail

Gunk Shot is STAB and will probably be the move you use the most. Waterfall is good physical coverage, as is Iron Tail. Outrage is for raw power, but leaves you vulnerable. Dragon Tail can be used as an alternative.

[email protected] Black Sludge
Ability: Poison Touch
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SDef
Adamant Nature
- Substitute
- Toxic/Protect
- Gunk Shot
- Dragon Tail

This is more of an annoyer set, aimed at spreading Poison to the whole opposing team. The combination of Poison Touch/Dragon Tail and Toxic should be enough to severely cripple a few 'Mons. Gunk Shot is your primary attack, but should only be used if the opposition is a Fairy and blocks your phazing. Substitute is a damage shield. Protect can be used in place of Toxic if you wish to Black Sludge stall and rely on the Poison Touch/Dragon Tail combo.

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Guess it's time I got a copy of AS... Thanks for the awesome detailed answer :D
But just a few questions: wouldn't Aqua Tail be superior to Waterfall because of the slightly higher power (just w/o the flinch chance?)
Also, wouldn't Toxic be pointless if I already Poison Touch/Point'ed my opponent?
Aqua Tail is generally inferior to Waterfall for two reasons, one being Waterfall's chance to flinch and Aqua Tail's 10% miss rate versus Waterfall's 0%. If you look at the two best physical Water Pokémon, Gyarados and Azumarill, you will find that the vast majority of them run Waterfall over Aqua Tail. Sometimes it's not all about power.

Second, Poison Touch and Toxic work well together: Toxic is for whamming support Pokés, while Dragon Tail phazes out threats that Dragalge doesn't like, and Poison Touch has a small chance of giving them a nasty farewell gift.

Also, I just assumed your Draagalge's Aility was Poison Touch. If it was Poison Point, then fine, and if it was Adaptability, even better. But Adaptability can't be found via chain fishing, so I picked the most useful out of the remaining two abilities.
An alternative would be as a Hazard Switcher.  Sadly, Toxic Spikes is the only hazard available to Dragalge, but the combination of double Spikes into Dragon Tail is quite potent.  You basically force your opponent into either their Fairy for you to destroy with Gunk Shot, or their Dragon.  Depending on which Dragon, you still have a fair shot of at least crippling it, if not necessarily taking it down.

Gets even more lulzy if you have a Stealthrock/Spikes Skarmory on your team.