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I want to know what is the better to my ghost team:
a) golurk
b) spiritomb
c) sableye
d) dusknoir
e) rotom

Please have in mind stats, abilities, attacks and that I think always in a strategy. My other pokemon are:


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I would say that Rotom Mow form is good for your team because of typing although it's not Ghost type anymore.
A good moveset would be:
Grass knot - Can be swapped with Energy Ball, STAB.
Thunderbolt - Power, STAB.
Will-O-Wisp - Makes Rotom a better Physical tank.
Volt Switch - STAB, Gets Rotom away from Danger.

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Sorry for being silly but what is stab?
It means the attack has more power because its the same type as the pokemon using it
Your'e not silly at-all. STAB stands for Same Type Attack Bonus. That means that every attack of the same type as the pokemon gets 1.5 boost in power.