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I am training

Servine(Duh) lvl.19

Herdier(he is useful) lvl.17

Timbour(The next gym is normal type)lvl.12

I have a panpour as well. I wanr to use these pokemon on the elite four I was considering leaveny for the dark and psychic ones. please include locations for pokemon

Edit: I now have a lvl.29 leaveny evo

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How about: Accelegor, Simipour, Archeops (for Fly), Mienshao, Serperior, Cryogonal. This team fits your speedy stature, while also having Pokemon with Surf and Fly.

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First of all the normal gym has a Herdier (which is quite easy),
but it has a Watchdog (the evolved form of Patrat) which knows hypnosis so bring awakenings!
I would suggest getting your Servine to Lv.22

                                  your Herdier to Lv.18
                                  your Timbour to Lv.18

If you want more Pokemon get a Pidove(Male because when you finally evolve it to Unfezant Lv.32 the Female one looks so bad)
Or Blizle who has really good speed but bad defence.