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I'm gonna bring all of my Gen III tutor questions to a close and finalize!
Please include two Pokemon per move, and why you chose them:
NOTE: The Pokemon should not get these moves by level up, breeding, move tutor, or otherwise in later gens. For example: Chansey gets Counter and Seismic Toss through breeding in Gen VI, so it wouldn't be an acceptable answer for those two moves.

-Body Slam
-Dynamic Punch
-Mega Punch
-Mega Kick
-Seismic Toss

Thanks so much!

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Why exactly does this need to be purely Gen III only, if you're using it in the current metagame?
Because Gen III tutors. I can't get Gen IV, V, VI Pokes in Leaf Green and Emerald.
Wait, so by metagame, you mean...?

Do you mean simulator battling, such as Showdown!, or is this Gen VI WiFi? Is this not intended to be used at all competitively? I'm very confused >.<
This is for Gen VI wi-fi.

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Body Slam:

  • Jirachi
  • Togekiss
  • Shaymin-Sky
  • Meloetta

Seismic Toss:

  • Hypno (somewhat, don't count on it)
  • Registeel (^^^)
  • Dusclops

... as for the rest of your moves there, they're either so unviable that they're never used, or most Pokemon that use them learn it naturally. For eg.- Double-Edge is viable on Mega Salamence and Kangaskhan, even Pinsir at times, but they all learn it naturally. Same goes for Dynamic Punch, it's main and only users Golurk and Machamp get it through level up.

Hope I helped!

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I guess you could say some Machamp are DO carry Mega Kick, but that is one waste of a moveslot tbh...