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I realy want to teach my infernape flametrower but I don't know where it is, can you help me?

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I think there are two tm flamethrower in that game. First, you can get it from the price exchange in veilstone city, but you must have at least 10.000 coin to get it and of course it will waste your time. and second, the easy one, you can get it in the north of floraroma town. surf west from the valley windwork until you reach the dead end, and then go inside to the factory. i dont remember where, but it will be easy to find inside that building. i'm sorry if i was mistaken, but try it first and hope this usefull...

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thanks my inpernape knows flamethrower and have defeted the elite four, thanks for your help.
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Way one:

10,000 coins at Veilstone Game GCorner

Way two:

Go to Fuego Ironworks (Go west along the river at valley Windworks) and enter the factory.

There are 3 trainers, mainly machops, Ponytas and Rapidashs. Beat them, get the items if you want, and talk to the man at the end.

He gives you a Fire Stone (Evolve Eevee to Flareon if you want) but if you grab the Pokeball behind the furnace, that holds Flamethrower!

Hope This helps

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