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Hi guys and girls have need some help on beating the twins tate and liza in Pokemon emerald I know they have psychic type. So I just need some tips on beating them it might take me a few try to beat even with tips but I just need your suggestions I also got the tm shadow ball that I found at the place in mt pyre but I don't know what Pokemon should I tech it to I have grumpig and I just caught a shuppet but grumpig is going to learn psychic at lvl37 but would grumpig be some what a help in that gym. Should I tech to shuppet I'm training him up right with exp share my 6 Pokemon I have is grumpig, lairon, swampert, vibrava, mightyena, shuppet I also got a swellow but I put him the pc since I got vibrava it know fly. I also caught a wobbuffet I was thinking of training it so I can use destiny bond but I still have little ways to go I have to fight team magma still I was thinking with grumpig and mightyena using swagger and confuse ray on. There two Pokemon solrock and lunatone so I just got the tm blizzard taught it swampert I think I can take down there two first Pokemon but i'm going to have trouble with the other two. So here's my 6 Pokemon and there lvl they all petty much all lvl 36 I train my Pokemon equal so if anyone has any tips and suggestions please tell me thank you.

Grumpig- psywave,confuse ray, psybeam,psychup lvl36
Lairon-rock smash-takedown-irontail-headbutt lvl36
Swampert-surf-mud shot-blizzard-watergun lvl36
Vibrava-dragon breath-rocktomb-fly- crunch lvl36
Mightyena-bite- tackle- swagger- odor sleuth lvl36
Shuppet-Will-o-wisp-curse-spite-night shade lvl33

Believe it or not, but each of your pokemon are very effective against Tate & Liza, You need Shuppet to burn Claydol to get the ******* to stop spamming Earthquake (because burns cripple physical moves), after that use Grumpig (because shuppet probably fainted) and spam psywave, which isn't resisted by psychic types and does a fair amount of damage in-game.

 For Xatu I recommend having Swampert at the ready, who's tanked every previous attack so far (and spammed surf). I'm pretty sure this will keep Swampert labeled as the greatest threat and Xatu will target it until it's too weak. This gives time for Grumpig to go MVP, take out Claydol and/or Xatu, likely both if you keep using your items. If swampert fails then send out mightyena, this will toss out an Intimidate debuff and render it so that Xatu must attack Grumpig, who resists psychic moves.

Lunatone and Solrock, it's likely that you'll fight these 2 together. Lunatone will set up and up and up with Calm mind until it can sweep your team with psychic, but this leaves it prone to Psywave, dark types (mightyena), and burns/intimidate (I'm pretty sure it has Rock slide or Earthquake). Solrock is a chump, It's more physically attacking than Lunatone but I recommend burning it with will-o-wisp after Lunatone (because lunatone is an Donkey imo :L) and Vibrava resists everything Solrock can throw at it, and hit hard with crunch.

This is mostly a battle of budgets because you're dependent on revives with pokemon that low in level, and may be using lots of Soda Pop from Slateport beach or Hyper Potions from the Pokemart, I also am not sure if this is the best way to deal with Tate & Liza so I didn't mark it as an answer. Thanks.
Use surf. With a electic type as your second Pokemon
Thank guys. So i got update so my shuppet just evolved into a banette at lvl 37 im happy i always wanted a shuppet and banette so i been battering previously trainers most likely the tv crew since there pokemon lvl are with my lvl pokemon. So what lvl i should train my pokemon to before i battle the twins are there any spot i can  train my pokemon in the grass.
Great! I'm doing pokemon Emerald run too (or did) and quit after having level 38 pokemon when fighting Tate & Liza, I didn't have a team so well prepared to take out Tate & Liza (Gardevoir was my best bet and she couldn't even defeat lunatone)

I recommend getting your pokemon's level within 3 of theirs. So level 41 at least all across
and get a flygon before fighting them, it helps.

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But no, seriously. It will be a double battle, so pair Swampert with the Pokemon that has the highest Special Defense (probably Grumpig) and spam Surf continually. Watch out for Solrock, though, as it has Sunny Day + Solar Beam. If worse comes to worst, use Mightyena and spam Swagger and Bite until they kill themselves from confusion.

Hope I helped!

OK thanks what if they use a Hyper potion
Continue to spam Surf. Banette should help too, btw.
ok what about muddy water being swapert just learned muddy water.
Surf is weakened in double battles so this is not a sound strategy
Are you saying it good or a bad strategy to use surf vs the twins.
I went a over leved a bit and went in with a banette and armaldo
Update i just beat the twins i took everybody advice i took there two first pokemon with out any problem. Then came the other two slorock lunatone i was mostly focusing on solrock so i hit it swagger with mightyena the ice beam with swapert then i got a little luck it was frozen but not for long just long enough to do damage to but still i was trying to take that beast out. So finally i took it out with muddy water so now it was lunatone that wasn't as bad as solrock but it was annoying using claim mind and psychic also hypnosis  that basically took out 4 of my pokemon so i used grumpig it was doing good against lunatone just it used psychic it wasn't doing nothing so i used confuse ray then surf of course it used a hyper potion so i kept on using confuse ray surf but muddy water took it out. So yea i beat the twins thanks guys for you advice and tips i will be ask for help when i need so day on this again or maybe other pokemon games.
If I remember correctly, surf doesn't damage your teammate in emerald