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So. My most current game is Heart Gold. This is where the bulk of my Pokemon are kept. Unfortunately years ago I thought hacking was a wonderful idea. Now ice become interested in the idea of picking up a 2DS to play Alpha Sapphire, but I only want to bring over legitimate Pokemon. Here's where my trouble starts, trying to sort them out now. A few questions:

Would a Poke'mon from "Kanto" definitely have to be from FireRed/LeafGreen since it would give a specific location if it was from HeartGold?

Would a Poke'mon from "Hoenn" have to be legit since I never hacked a GBA game? (Are there any action replays for DS that can set Hoenn as the location? )

Would the Togekiss from Cynthia have to be legit?

Now I've also got a bunch of Pokemon with classic ribbons, however I know some were legit, but some events were triggered by hacks. Is there any way to tell them apart?

Can I assume that any Pokemon apparently caught on a PokeWalker is legit? (Are there any known action replays that can set PokeWalker as location?)

Would a Pokemon with a "champion ribbon" have to be from a GBA game, or could it be from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum?

I know I caught my Lucario from Cynthia, and it transferred just fine
Just see who makes it through Pokébank. Those who don't will be hacked.
No that is wrong, if i a pokemon was hacked with all legals stats, moves and memo's ect then it will transfer regardless of if it was hacked or not.
Then they count as legit Pokémon and not hacked ones. If the Pokébank deems them "legit", even if they are hacked, then they have all the requirments of a naturally-caught Pokémon and count as such.
@twig7211 I meant like, it says the Togekiss was received from Cynthia, like an egg or something? I don't think I ever captured trainer poke'mon. If it says that, does that mean it's legit? --- @Astronautical & @B-Frog I see. I'm not familiar with the Poke'bank yet seeing as how HeartGold was my last game, I didn't know it had filters in place to check for this. This will save me some work. I'm just a bit concerned on a couple of points then; if I've used codes to trigger events to obtain otherwise legit poke'mon will it pick up on that, or will they be let through as normal? --- Also does anyone have any opinion on the "caught/obtained" location being a region (ie. "hoenn" "kanto") rather than a specific location possibly pointing towards the poke'mon being from GBA games? --- And also what does the Champion Ribbon mean for me having HeartGold?
Tbh I traded a lot of Pokegen'd & cloned Pokemon with people during B2W2 (it was obvious when they had 31 IVs in all stat & were shiny), and most of them went through the transporter just fine. They're "legit" in the sense that they have no illegal movesets/ stats/ abilities, but they were obtained in an illegit way.
Chances are, if your Pokemon have nothing irregular/ different about them from legitimately obtained Pokemon, they have a good chance of making it through the transporter.
The transporter wasn't having it with my Litwick and Arceus though. Still stuck in W2. :P
I used to abuse PokeBuilder (iOS app) to create Pokemon in BW2 so I can migrate them over XY. I had created a lot of Pokemon but only 6 made it through -Pinsir, Rotom-Wash, Arcanine, Infernape, a level 99 Eevee to be Sylveon and Latios.
So long no move/ability is hacked into a Pokemon it can't have (e.g Dark Void Flash Fire Scizor), I think it should make it.

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Just see who makes it through Pokébank. Those who don't will be hacked.

That's basically the answer. Even if you suspect that some Pokemon you transfer may be hacked, the game recognizes them as legit Pokes despite the truth. The ones who are definitely not legits will not go through the Pokebank sensor. The play with legitimacy is pretty much old now, as GTS and Wondertrade are filled with cloned Pokemon and hacked ones, both using Powersaves. So there's no need to question how to find out if something isn't legit if something does it for you already.

Actually, the need to question what is/isn't legit is a matter of personal preference on my gameplay. I want to know that when I'm playing the new game I'm playing with only poke'mon I obtained legitimately. My question is asking people to address whether there's a good way to do that. But the best answer basically seems to be "Not really, but poke'bank works as a partial filter", which I suppose I'm going to have to be happy with for a time and just release others at my digression. There's still some additional points I've asked about in comments that people haven't addressed yet. Hopefully someone has some additional insights on those.