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Okay, this question is kinda hard to explain, bare with me.
Say l have a Lv 76 Vaporeon.
lt's stats are (Set A) <(Just example)

Every time l do a Wi-Fi battle it's level will be set to Lv 100.
lt's stats are (Set B)

lf l level my Vaporeon to Lv 100 for real instead of 76, will l get
the "Set B" stats, or will l recieve different stats?

Basically, does being Lv 100 better the stats for real when auto-set to Lv 100 or is it the same stats when auto-set and l'm not Lv 100? ~


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In the wifi battles your stats are scaled based on your IVs and EVs. So it depends on whether you have all your EVs yet. If you've trained the Vaporeon from a low level then you probably have.

Wifi battles are the best way to find out your exact IVs if you just caught a Pokemon.

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Yep, your right about that, im pretty sure:)

I'm right? Which did I say?  o-o