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So, I was mucking about in OR chaining for a Hidden Ability Carvahna. I got one that is Female, Timid Nature, 3IV, with Hydro Pump, and one that is Male, Naughty Nature, with Speed Boost. If I gave the Male one an Everstone and the Female one a Destiny Knot, would I have a chance of having a Carvahna with Naughty Nature, Speed Boost, Hydro Pump, and decent IVs?


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OK, let's see:

1: Naughty Nature
You would have a 100% chance of passing down the Naughty Nature, because the Male one(with a Naughty Nature) is holding the Evertsone. Ludicobro is wrong in saying that only the Female can pass the Nature down. I believe that only held in Gen V.

2: Speed Boost
There is no chance of you getting the Speed Boost Ability because males pass down Hidden Abilities when bred with a Ditto. If the Female had Speed Boost, you would have an 80% chance of the Speed Boost Ability.

TL;DR, you won't get a single offspring with Speed Boost

3: Decent IVs
Female Carvanha: 3IVs Perfect
Male: None

The chances can vary from a 0IV baby, to a 4IV baby, but you would mostly get 1-2 IV babies. I can't give the exact chances, because I'm only in the 7th Standard, but when you get a 4 IV baby, start breeding with that instead.

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No, you are going to have breed the male with the HA with a ditto, then hatch eggs till you get a female with speed boost to pass it down. At this point you will have your Female carvahna with the speed boost ability and can now start breeding for your egg moves and ivs.

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It will not inhereit the male's nature, it can only inherit the female's nature.

Give the female the everstone, and give it a male partner in the Water 2 with the highest IVs possible, as the male can only give it's egg moves and IVs. The species of the male is irrelevant as long as it is in the same breeding group as the female. The egg inherits the species (and nature if the female holds an everstone) from the female. Give the male the destiny knot

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