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I'm gonna be using Mega Glalie. Here's my set:

Glalie @ Glalitite
Ability: Inner Focus -> Refrigerate
Jolly / Naughty Nature
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 Spe / 4 SpD
-Ice Shard / Freeze-Dry

If I was to run Freeze-Dry, I'd shift the 4 EVs to SpA and run Naughty. Can someone help me on which move I should use, and why? Please provide specific pros and cons for both.

I find it a bit weird that you're running 3 ice type moves (2 normal-types ----> 2 ice types from Refrigerate).
What else is there to run?
You could use Crunch for coverage and Return if you don't want to use Double Edge.
Crunch only covers Ghost and Psychic, and the vast majority of those are hit harder by Refrigerate Double-Edge anyway. And I preferred immediate power, so I chose Double-Edge over Return.

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Ice Shard

Always goes first
Can win a game
Covers Dragons and Lando-T pretty well

Not enough power
Pretty much useless against Ice-type switch ins with that base power

Freeze Dry

Super-effective against water types (x4 against Swampert)
Higher base power
With STAB, it goes up to a decent base 105

Against a special wall, Glalie won't do anything with those EVs
Can cost you the game. Glalie doesn't have the greatest speed
Ice Beam outclasses by far

Yep. So use Ice beam.

Hope this helps!
-It's a secret!

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Um, Freeze-Dry beats water-types like Rotom-W. And I'm not planning on using a move different from either. I would like a response recommending one of those moves, not a different move entirely.