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Okay, so I was playing Pokémon Emerald when I was younger, and I happened to catch a very strange Zubat in one of the caves.
At first I thought it was shiny, but it was way darker than it's shiny sprite, almost black.
Furthermore, in addition to the sparkles that you see when you send out a shiny Pokémon, this one also had hearts coming out of it's Pokéball.
I've searched the internet for this, but I couldn't find anyone else who has encountered such a shiny.

It was not a rom nor a hack, just a regular Pokémon Emerald cartridge.
Does anybody know what kind of Pokémon this was?

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dude that's so cool! Have you tried transferring it?
Post video proof? This is very odd
I believe the Nest Ball has hearts when you send Pokemon in them out in Emerald.
Did you buy the cartridge used?
Try getting a picture of it
Yea you're gonna need a pic of it for anyone to tell you anything more about it.

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Maybe, this is VERY VERY odd to me, because I just caught a Zubat too (regular one, and a girl at lvl 7) in my Emerald and it looks fine. Did you catch it with a Nest Ball? Maybe that's why it has hearts (or some kind of 'attract' thing). If not, then I have no possible answer.

Way darker than its normal sprite? That maybe be just a 'dark Pokemon', but dark Pokemon usually don't appear in-game, only in Pokemon XD I think. It's not a shiny, because shiny Zubat is green. Maybe it's a bug in the cartridge or something, because that doesn't occur with a normal cartridge.

That's all I can help with

Source: My Pokemon Emerald.

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