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like a Seismic Toss Charmander? will putting two Charmander with Seismic Toss in the daycare work, move relearner, anything? I want to know if I can IV breed on a gen VI game with old moves.


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Unfortunately not.

Unless the moves are explicitly stated as Egg moves, or as level-up moves, they cannot be passed from parent to child.

For example, the Scyther family could only get Defog in Gen IV. However, as it is an Egg move in Gen VI, if one of the parents is a Scyther or Scizor that knows Defog, the newly hatched Scythers will know Defog.

This is one of the reasons why things like Softboiled Clefable and Double-Edge Glalie are so valuable- because they cannot be gotten in any other way.

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