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Here's a bit of back story, so you know where I'm coming from.

I was roughly seven when I had a chance to play my first Pokémon game, which was the Special Pikachu Edition (or Yellow, for you youngsters).
Red came out a year prior, but my family wasn't in the condition to afford the brick that was known as game boy back then, so I had to wait and hope.
My friend's family was tho, and he would always brag about that, while showing me how good his team of 'mons was in Pokémon Red (which I later snatched, but that's a story for another time).
Move forward a year, and the sequel comes out!
Pokémon gold.
I had spared money so to be able to buy the copy of the game before my friend did, sadly the game HAD to be for the new console, Game Boy Color.
He beated me yet again, but not for long. I eventually got around buying a Color GB and we battled like crazy.
But there wasn't strategy, we were just two friends battling with the Starter Prof Elm gave us and the 'mons we liked best.

Skip WAY ahead, to August 2013.
I had just bought my new, in over 10 years, console. The 3DS.
Which came bundled with Pokémon Black.
I never played generetion 3 and 4, so Pokémon Black blew me away, moves where now divided in physical and special, the 'mons MOVED while fighting, you could battle in more than one at a time, the bag pack wasn't a mess, there were ACTUAL COLORS (you couldn't double 'mons anymore tho, so that was a bummer) and a lot more.

The wi-fi was down tho, so the first Game that introduced me to wireless matches was Y.
It was hard keeping up, because I had heard of the improvements that EVs training brought,
but I never witnessed it first hand.
So I learned how to evs train my team (super training really helped), and now I'm here playing Omega Ruby in my spare time from work.

But there is something I still don't get.
I sometimes see you guys talk about tiers for competitive battling.
As you've probably figured out by now, I don't know much about that, I know my ways around for building a good team mind you, but I'd like to ask:

What exactly ARE those tiers?
What do they represent?
How do they influence my way of playing (if they do)?
Are they Nintendo's rules, meaning they are the new ways we should apply to for building a team?
How do they impact the Pokémons?
And most importantly
Why should I care?

I know I should've probably shortened my question, but I felt the need to make you guys understand were I was coming from and my experiences so far with the Pokémon franchise.

Hope someone will be able to help me.
Thanks in advance!


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First off, cool story. If your looking to write it all out here is a great spot. Now I'll explain tiers to you.

What are tiers?
Before I explain tiers I'm gonna explain Pokemon Showdown! (or PS! for short). This is an online battle Simulator for Pokemon, and to the best of my knowledge, the most used battle simulator.

They have a few different rules than game freak on PS! One of which is tiers. They take how much any Pokemon is used and place it in a tier. You build a team using your tier down and battle other teams only in that tier.

The tiers aren't based off of stats, or legends or typing, but how much people use it. An example of this is Mega Mawile, it's base stat is only 480, but it was used so much that it was placed in the highest tier, but Mega Metagross is a tier down from mega mawile, even though it's base stats are 700.

Here is a link to PS! if you want to check it out. You will find better battlers here, it has more capabilities and it doesn't require hours of breeding and EV training.

What do they represent?
I said this somewhat above, but I will expand on the tiers here (telling you what the tiers are).

The top tier is ubers. Every Pokemon is allowed in ubers except mega rayquaza.

The next tier is OU. Every Pokemon is allowed here, except uber ranked Pokemon.

The next is UU, every Pokemon that isn't in ubers and OU are allowed.

Then it's RU, then NU, then PU, then NFE then LC.

One thing I would like to point out here is that PS! has the same capabilities as normal battling. You can't give slaking wonder guard and sweep everyone.

How do they influence your way of playing?
Well, I said some of the pluses of PS! above, but another that would benefit you is it's completely free. Your battling will improve dramatically and (to me anyway) it's more fun than playing in game.

Are they Nintendo's rules?
No, you don't need to follow these rules if your playing in game, but they have better rules for the most part. Some of the rules are:

Sleep Clause (only one Pokemon can me put to sleep at a time)
Item Clause (Any number of one item on a team)
Swagger Clause (Swagger is banned)
Moody Clause (Moody is banned)
Species Clause (Only one of each Pokemon is allowed)

There are more rules depending on what tier you play, but these are the main ones.

How do they impact Pokemon?
It makes Pokemon more of a skill game versus a get the best Pokemon game. You all have the same options of Pokemon and you won't be restricted by time, money or anything else to obtain the Pokemon.

Why should you care?
Well, I've made multiple points throughout this entire description of why you should care. I didn't understand PS! at all, but I went on and picked it up rather quickly, then I had sempiternus tutor me and got decent at battling on there. It takes less time to obtain the Pokemon and more time just playing the fun of the game.

EDIT: Here is a link about IV's in case you don't know what they are.
Also found this that brings up some good points on tiers.
Found this on what Pokemon are in certain tiers in case your curious

Sorry for all the links :P

Sorry for the length of this, but I wanted to make sure you understand. If you don't understand anything or have any questions please ask!

Hope this helps!

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You probably don't know what IV's are, but PS! helps a TON with them.  I'll find a link about IV's to add in :P
Funny you didn't mention Smogon even once.
Eh, I played on PS! for almost 4 months until I found smogon, it's not really important in the beginning
Well Smogon is where tiers originated, there's more than enough reason to mention them imo.