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Will the experience boost from Lucky Egg pass to all my Pokemon if I put Exp. Share on?

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If I turned on my Exp. Share, while my main Pokemon held a Lucky Egg and made one of my other Pokemon hold another Lucky Egg (in a single battle) would my "other" Pokemon get 2x the Exp the main Pokemon is getting if I KO'ed an opponent?

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Well, the Exp. Share gives half of the experience gained by the lead Pokemon. So if the lead Pokemon gains 100% of its normal experience, that is boosted to 200% EXP. The other Pokemon holding a Lucky Egg would normally gain 50% of the EXP, but due to Lucky Egg, that's boosted to 100% EXP. So the Pokemon in the party holding the Lucky Egg gets the amount of EXP the lead Pokemon would have, were it not holding a Lucky Egg.

I hope that makes sense!

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Do you have a source on that one? That Lucky Egg will do anything in this situation I mean.