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I heard that if you beat the E4 five times in ORAS, you will have a chance to pick either Xerneas or Yveltal. Is this true? //(Right now, I'm almost done with beating E4 the fourth time, so I can save my butt from training >.<')\

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Xerneas and Yvetal can only be obtained in ORAS by transfering from X/Y
Beating the E4 a 2nd Time will get you a Metagrossite but no ther rewards after the 2nd.
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Dang, ninja'd
Thanks for saving my butt.
What about my amazing turtwig after the E4 the second time ;P
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Nope. This isn't true. It is only possible to get one legend per game, and they're version exclusive for XY only

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It's fake

You only receive Xerneas and Yveltal by trading.
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