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I was surprised to find out, years ago, that Scizor and Scyther had the same BST. I only saw Scizor in OU competitive battling. Why is that? Can someone help me understand?

Typing is everything.
Technician + Bullet Punch priority.
AND no x4 Stealth Rock weakness.

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  1. better typing
    Syther is weak to fire electric ice flyng, and has a dual weakness to rock (and with stealth rocks this is unacceptable) only resisting grass fighting and bug. Scizor is only weak to fire with 8 resistances and 1 immunity.

  2. stats
    Scizor sacrifices speed for defence and attack, perfect for a steel type.

  3. move pool
    scizor has more moves in general, gaining access to bullet punch a priority move which works great with technician ability.

that is why everybody uses Scizor.

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