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I can't evolve my eevee. I'm doing what this website says to do. It knows a fairy move

Do you have 3 hearts in pokeamie
It needs 2 not 3 hearts

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First, got it's affection in Pokemon amie to 2 out of 5 hearts (feeding it allot of puffins should do it) second teach it a fairy moves, the best option is Baby-doll eyes learnt at level 9 or charm at level 29. then simply level it up.

hope I helped

p.s. the evolution to sylveon gets priority to that of umbreon and espeon, so don't be afriad of a high friendship. however the glaiceon leafeon evolutions get highest priority so don't level up near any icy or mossy rocks to be safe.

source allot of leafeon and sylveon I don't want.

Ok, thanks I thaught you needed 1 heart in pokemon amie. Just a little mistake.
One can clearly see which segment was copy and pasted o3o
don't copy paste, i'm to lazy to click ctrl+c just to then click ctrl+v, i save energy and hand type everything.