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Is this Yveltal hacked?
It's in a luxury ball
It has Snarl, Oblivion Wing, Disable and Dark Pulse.
Caught: Team Falre secret HQ
Characteristic: Capable of taking hits.
level met: Apparently Lv. 50
Nature: Quirky
And if it matters: Date met: 1/20/2015
HP: 201
Attack: 138
Defense: 115
Sp. Attack: 151
Sp. Defense: 105
Speed: 119
Ability: Dark Aura
Don't know it's EVs or IVs yet, I also don't know how to calculate them.
Got it through wonder trade. I feel bad, traded it for a wrumple I got from someone else.
Please don't tell me about this if I am dreaming.

looks pretty legit
I caught my Yveltal with a luxury ball! Seriously. It was the first pokeball I threw and I didn't hack the game.

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It's perfectly legit, don't see anything wrong in it. Although you never know if your Pokemon is hacked or not, as long as it doesn't show (Sunkern with 999 stats across the board, nicknamed 'God') it won't matter.

Hope I helped!

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Okay, thanks! (Although I was gonna keep it anyway)