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One day, a lone Trainer was walking through Eterna Forest. He had a smile on his face and a spring in his step. He felt like the king of the world. Why? Because he had just captured a Legendary Pokémon, the master of time itself, Dialga.

He realized that they were alone in the forest. He let Dialga out of his Poké Ball to explore. Dialga leaned down, and the Trainer hopped on his mighty shoulders. The two sauntered on.

They came to a clearing. Dialga huffed. The Trainer tried to coax the Legend forwards, but he reared up and shrieked like a horse. The Trainer hopped off of Dialga to investigate, letting out his battle-hardened Gallade. They walked to the edge of the clearing where Dialga would not enter, and around the perimiter. Occasionally they saw movement, but it was just a few Kricketots and the occasional Staravia.

A thrash! A cry! The Trainer whipped his head back to see Dialga rearing on his hind legs, swatting at the most horrific Bibaral he had ever seen. Its fur was ruffeld, its tail was scarred and it was missing an eye. It's fangs were sharper than Zangoose's claws. And it was enourmous, at least twenty feet from nose to tail. The Trainer rushed to Dialga's aide, ordering a Close Combat from Gallade.
But it was too late. The Bibarel backed Dialga into the forest, and eventually the thrashing and roaring ceased. The Trainer went to investigate.

All he saw was a patch of crushed grass, and the tooth of the Bibarel. The Trainer stumbled out of Eterna Forest mumbling nonsense, where he was found by the Eterna City Gym Leader Gardenia. The Trainer eventually recovered, and has never stopped looking for his Dialga.

Where Dialga went remains a mystery to this day, as is the strange Bibarel. It is said, however, that the ghost of Bibarel still haunts the Old Chateau in Eterna Forest, and at half moon you can still hear the bellows and hisses of that fateful day. The Trainer spent the rest of his days travelling the world in search of clues of his Dialga, travelling from Sinnoh to Hoenn, even so far as the Kalos region. He joined Interpol and started his own detective agency, all in search of his lost Pokémon.

He became known only as Looker.
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I guess I'll take this off the unanswered list by asking the only question that you aksed directly: Is this normal?

My answer is NO, based on the information given. Your Dialga shouldn't have just up and disappeared, no matter what happened. Unfortunately, that's all I can say until more information is given.

If you came out of battle with Bibarel and Dialga just vanished then yes, this is very abnormal. However, it could be possible that you accidentally released Dialga without realizing it. That's the only logical explanation I can come up with.

TL;DR You either made a mistake and released Dialga, or your game is glitched.

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I never hacked the game
Then… it was a most likely a glitch.