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If it wasnt clear in the title, Im wondering how much Exp does each stage give you, and if it differs from each stage. For example, I would think completing the Espurr stage would give different Exp than completing the Mega Audino stage, becuase if the difficulty difference.

I think it varies from Pokémon to Pokémon (i.e. more Exp is gained for fighting Zapdos than Charmander), but don't quote me.
UPDATE: I don't think this question is answerable, since there is no specific value for Exp. in the game. It is only shown as a green bar, which could be roughly interpreted as a percentage, but that is not a reliable method since there is no numerical data.
Should this be hidden then?
Dunno; wait and see if anyone else comments.
I have found nothing that gives exp values for Pokemon shuffle.

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This is a various question to be and could have different solutions.

What it seems like is that every time you line up a several Pokemon, the Pokemon you line up with get that exp. It seems to me like in order to level up, you should try to line up that Pokemon many many times. I don't think the level has anything to do with, but some levels might make it easier to line up, giving you many exp. I took me approximately 3-5 levels to move a Pokemon from level 1 to level 2. But, it will obviously increase and get harder overtime. I think you should enjoy the game and gradually continue lining up with various Pokemon, therefore they would grow together and faster.

Hopefully I've helped. Anymore question could be answered. :)

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