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I need a dawn stone from the inverse shop but a day has not passed for 17 hours of in game time. Help?

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Its the same as in real life. For example, if it's sunset, it will be sunset in your game. If its night, it will be night in your game. So you would need to wait 24 real hours.

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Well, as long as they set the correct time :P
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Your ORAS game (as same with any other game) is followed by a 24 hour system. Your 3ds clock only changes the time of day in the game. For example, if you set the the 3ds clock to midnight, but it's actuall 3:00 pm, it will show as nighttime in your game. Separate changes occur. For example, mirage spots. You can't change the mirage spots by speeding up the time. If you do so, it would change your game function, therefore you will have to wait 24 more hours, each time you change your game's time. The 3ds clock system only works for things such as time of day and mega stones (when some miraculously appear).

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