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Who are all of the legendaries? If you kill one of the legendaries then will they come back later in the game. What do you half to do to get them back?

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This page contains all the legendary Pokemon found in Diamond/ Pearl.

Note that in Diamond, you can only capture Dialga, not Palkia. Likewise, Palkia can only be captured in Pearl.

Also, if you faint Dialga, it will not come back again.

Unlike in Gen 5 (and above, I guess), Legendary Pokemon do not appear if you just defeat the Elite Four again.

I suggest you try to beat the E4 to see if any of the Pokemon above (except Dialga, of course) return, but I highly doubt that.

I thought Dialga had a almost for sure capture rate like Rayquaza in ORAS?
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Pokémon Diamond legendary Pokemon found without events:
1.Dialga- Spear Pillar lvl. 47
2.Uxie- Lake Acuity lvl. 50
3.Mesprit- Lake Verity lvl. 50
4.Azelf- Lake Valor lvl. 50
5.Heatran- Stark Mountain lvl. 70
6.Giratina- Turnback Cave lvl. 70
7.Rotom- Old Chateau lvl. 15
8.Regigigas- Snowpoint Temple lvl. 70
9.Cresselia- Full Moon Island lvl. 50
10. Manaphy- imported from Pokémon Ranger lvl. 1

With Events:
1.Darkrai- an island off the coast of Canalave City lvl. 40
2.Shaymin- Route 224 lvl. 30
3.Arceus- Spear Pillar lvl. 80

Sadly, you cannot get the legendary Pokemon back again if you faint them. So it is wise to save beforehand in order to retry at your own pace. Good Luck!