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For classic and balanced, for e.g.

Sand Stream Garchomp
[email protected]

[insert rest of set, descriptions, counters etc here]
Make sure each strategy has it's own answer, similar to this question: http://pokemondb.net/pokebase/23/what-are-some-of-the-best-move-combos-in-pokemon-you-have-found

Also if it's something only on classics, if you can, add a balanced alternative, for e.g
Classic: Imposter Blissey
Balanced: Imposter Chansey
You copy all stats but HP of opponent, so you have insane health
Also, please include some flaws, for e.g.

Imposter blissey Is screwed against that other imposter blissey, so yeah.


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Is this meant to be a thread? Or just for your information? Because the link to the question you provided is a thread.
A thread.
I don't know what athread is, but I guess if it's like that one, then yes.
Will the garchomp start even work?Correct me if I'm wrong but u can't change abilities between mega and none mega in hackmons.The ability would stay the same when mega-ed and not mega-ed
Sand Force is mega garchomp's actual ability what changed is garchomp's ability is changed to sand stream, which summons a sandstorm, which activates sand force.

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Electrode @ Air Balloon
Wonder Guard
- Magnet Rise (just in case)
- Safe Guard/Substitute
- Toxic/Will-O-Wisp
- Soft-Boiled

This makes Electrode immune to
- Attacks (Electrode has no weaknesses due to air balloon)
- Status (Safe Guard/ Substitute blocks status)

These are the only flaws and ways to beat this thing.
- Mean Look/Spider Web + Perish Song will give Electrode
- Stealth Rock +Roar until Electrode comes back out
- Gravity will make Electrode vulnerable to Ground attacks
- Mold Breaker/Gastro Acid/Worry Seed/Simple Beam/Teravolt/Turboblaze will disable Wonder Guard
- Status can still hit if you use it before Electrode uses Safe Guard/Substitute
- Leech Seed/Curse w/ Ghost Pokemon will slowly drain your HP (though you could use Soft-Boiled

No offence, guys, but how are all these comments about 'Sophisticles' and grammar relevant to my answer?
Absolutely nothing! We're engaging in friendly banter about Sophisticles' English. XD
I can't argue with banta.
sandstorm and taunt can stop that strategy to.
Wonder guard is usually banned in Balanced Hackmons.
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Here is a set I like, although uncommon and overlooked:

Samurott @ Leftovers / Life Orb / whatever
Ability: Prankster
EVs: 252 Atk / 252 HP / 4 SpD
IVs: null Speed
Brave Nature

Concerning the Pokemon in general:

  • The key is to get to do Dive at least once. It won't be super easy if your Samurott doesn't do it against a foe that fears it like Fire-type Pokemon who lack Electric/Grass-type coverage.
  • Once you have landed the first Dive, use Copycat. This will make Samurott reproduce the lately used move. In this case, Dive. Unless your foe is slower than you.
  • Since Dive has been used, Samurott is put into semi-invincibility position. But, Samurott with Brave and no speed IVs is fairly slow, at least slower than most of the metagame. So when you have to land the hit, your foe will move before you, missing their second hit.

And your rinse-wash-repeat this strategy.

The item choice could be anything. If you want, you could go Lefties along with two other coverage moves in case Samurott needs them / you prefer hiding your strategy to start with. Or, it could be Life Orb along with Recover / Soft-Boiled / anything for recovery. Heck, you could even turn this into some kind of setup Pokemon with Stealth Rock and Sticky Web.
EVs can be changed to match the user's goal, but 0 Speed IVs and Brave Nature along with no Speed EV at all are mandatory.
Samurott isn't even the only user of this strategy, but I preferred mentioning it because this Samurott is also legal in the AAA environment (Almost Any Ability).

Weaknesses of this strategy:

  • No Guard. The key here is to be invincible all the time, but No Guard simply breaks this down.
  • Wonder Guard. Dive or any 2-turns move should not be stopped from landing or else the strategy is annulled. Wonder Guard prevents you landing a non-Super Effective hit.
  • A faster Copycat user, albeit uncommon.
  • Water Absorb / any Ability that absorbs an Attack's typing such as Sap Sipper for SolarBeam.
  • Powerful attacks. If Samurott can't use the first Dive, then it won't remotely do anything.
  • Roar. Roaring Samurott out negates its plan completely, especially if it can't come back.

The list goes on actually, which makes this strategy uncommon and overlooked. However, if you provide the right support for it and have the skill to pull it off, then you should have fun with this creative idea you don't see everywhere! Remember, Samurott isn't its only user but I mentioned it because it can also reproduce this strategy legally in Almost Any Ability.

Or you could use lagging tail to make sure you go last.
Well I can't understand this at all
Lagging Tail annules Prankster's Copycat priority.
To Lucas: Here's a replay of it while in use: (skip to turn 8->10)
just epic
Lagging Tail makes the user go last in it's priority bracket, meaning with prankster, it will go before normal priority, but after other +1 priorities.
No GeoTruth, I actually tested it. But I didn't save the replay..
If you are worried about a KO on the first turn, put on a focus sash.
Use an iron ball then. That just halves speed.
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Another set I like (equally uncommon):

Heliolisk @ Leftovers / Life Orb / whatever
Ability: Motor Drive / Lightning Rod
EVs: 252 SpA / 252 Spe / 4 Spd
Timid nature
- Electrify
- Electric-type STAB
- Mean Look
- whatever

Again, Heliolisk isn't the only user of this strategy but it can use it in AAA as well, much like my Samurott set could use its own strategy in that same environment.
How to pull if off:

  • You start with Mean Look. Make sure you won't lock an opponent that can eliminate you.
  • You spam Electrify. Make sure you're faster. Since Heliolisk is fairly fast, that shouldn't be a heavy problem.
  • Your ability will soak up the Electric-type hits for you, giving you a boost in Speed or Special Attack.
  • Once you're maxed, you could start sweeping.

Again, this is uncommon and overlooked because it has too much weaknesses. These includes:

  • Faster foes which will make you utterly useless.
  • Strong hits before you use Mean Look.
  • Normalize / Aerilate / Pixilate (but I'm not sure of this one).
  • If you picked Motor Drive, simply bulky Pokemon with Recovery access.
  • inb4 Sticky Web that will make your Heliolisk slow before it enters the field.

It could go on. But if you can pull off this strategy successfully, then you're good to go for having fun creatively and not with standard threats.

You would need Taunt as they could stall with status moves
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I know I'm kind of late to the party, but this set is pretty good:

Gengar-Mega @ Black Sludge
-Quiver Dance
-Mean Look
-Boomburst/Stored Power

You should have maxed speed and special attack EVs

Use Entrainment. You should be faster than most opponents. Now none of their attacks can do any damage (unless they have Foresight but who uses that in hackmons). Do Mean Look so they can't switch. Spam Quiver Dance until you have 4x stats and then use Boomburst. Do Entrainment and Boomburst on the next Pokemon. Repeat until you get someone with Magic Bounce.

-Magic Bounce
-Prankster w/ Spore
-Faster Pokemon
-Ghost types

Not the best set but it is fun to use.

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Shuckle @ Aguav Berry
-Anchor Shot (To prevent them switching)
-Recover (Healing)
-Soft-Boiled (Also healing)
-Perish Song

Unless you get one shot or don't get off anchor shot first, you should be good. Anchor shot prevents them from switching, and perish song will kill them. Shuckle will be immune to perish song from soundproof. If you are low on HP, use recover or soft-boiled.

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My team is like this:

[email protected] goggles
ability- mold breaker
spore- to abuse the opponent
knock off- for STAB, and to get rid of pesky items
spiky shield- for extra protection and stuff
accelerock- just in case he can't outspeed

[email protected]
ability- fur coat
toxic spikes- you'll see
rapid spin- get rid of traps
whirlwind- to poison the enemy team
U-turn- to switch out once he's done his job

[email protected] goggles
ability- sturdy
hail- in case toxic spikes never gets up
endeavor- to sweep
accelerock- in case item gets knocked off
toxic- to stall

DEOXYS the ultimate [email protected]
Cotton guard/ cosmic power- to set up some defenses
amnesia/ aromatherapy- to set up more defenses or eliminate status
toxic- to stall
recover- sustain

[email protected]
ability- normalize
entrainment- to prevent attacking
mean look- to prevent switching
spectral thief- to prevent stat boosts
psycho shift- get rid of status conditions

[email protected] bell
ability- simple
spectral thief- for the absolute filthiest troll (simple doubles the stolen stats)
psych up- same purpose, but spectral thief doesn't steal form normal types
dragon ascent- coverage, great damage
drain punch- sustain

so, I lead with Greninja. If its not a FEAR/Sturdinja, then you spore and either knock off to kill it or swap into aegis lash. Once you kill enemy, do the same thing. Aegislash then sets up toxic spikes and you turns out. If the enemy starts setting up, let them do it for a little while, even if its Eevee. then send in slaking to steal their stats and kill them. If he dies for some reason, you probably still have toxic spikes up, so bring in Shedinja. Any poke that comes in gets poisoned, so shedinja endeavors to bring them down, then poison/ hail kicks in to kill. If either of those things gets set up, just use accelerock. Cofagrigus is for problem Pokemon.

why does it say email protected?