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[email protected] And Latios keep the ability levitate when not mega evolved and when mega evolved do any other Pokemon keep that?

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yes, but i'm too lazy to look up which ones.
[email protected] is latias and latios combined to save time.

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Actually a few Pokemon keep there abilities
Abomasnow keeps Snow Warning
Tyranitar keeps Sandstream
Scizor keeps Technician
Blaziken keeps SpeedBoost
Medicham keeps Pure Power
Audino keeps Healer
and Ofcourse [email protected] keep Levitate


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oh forgot about audino
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No, they aren't actually. I'll list the ones I know of.

Scizor (If it has technician previously)
Blaziken (If it has speed boost previously)
Abomasnow (If it has snow warning previously)
Audino (If it has healer previously)

If I missed one or two, my bad, but I think this is what you were looking for. Hope I helped!

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hah i forgot Blaziken xP
I think we did duplicate answers. When I answered my page didn't show the other answer you had. Sorry!