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I know it's a long question, but I was curious after I did the Keldeo Event in Pokemon Black 2 forever ago (I did it at the start of a new game without knowing what I would get, and I got a Lv.50 Keldeo!) and it sparked a question in my mind when I remembered it.

So, if I were to get an event started and leave it there, not talking to the man who would give it to me and restarted my game, would I still have the man in the green suit in the Pokemart when I started the game back up? THIS APPLIES FOR ANY GAME WHERE THE MAN IN THE GREEN SUIT APPEARS!!!

P.S. I beat the game with the Keldeo (Who went to Lv. 94 when I challenged the league), a Lv.52 Lucario and a Lv.69 Zoroark.

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No, even if you have gotten the event before. Events only run for a certain amount of time (I believe this event is already over). For example, if an event ran from 3/6/2015 to 4/6/2015 you could only get the event on and in between those dates. But you could keep the Keldeo by trading it to a B/W or B2/W2 game and trading it back to your B2 game.

I think the question was asking more on after you received the event pokemon. This meaning, you get the event, restart your game, and then start up your game - but you still received via. internet.
Yuss, if I ALREADY had the event on the game and restarted it. Don't worry about it, I miss-read questions all the time. :)