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Im trying to hatch a rapid spin Tentacruel (Any other easier methods please say) so I put a genderless Starmie up in the daycare and my female Tentacruel to get the Pokemon - and they wont breed. They're both it the breed group Water 3, so why wont they breed?


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Of course they won't breed. There is only one way through which gender less Pokemon like Starmie can breed, and that's with Ditto. No matter how hard you try from there, Starmie won't breed with anything else, despite being in same Egg Group.

If you want a Tentacruel with Rapid Spin though, there are a few ways:

  • Breed a male Squirtle (with Rapid Spin, it gets that at level 19) with a female Kabuto, you must aim for a male Kabuto with Rapid Spin.

  • Breed this offspring Kabuto with a female Tentacool/Tentacruel, and voila! The offspring Tentacool should have Rapid Spin.

Hope I helped!

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Ah, I see. I just got a little confused because it doesnt make much sense to have a pokemon in an egg group and it not be able to breed with anything.
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It is a little confusing, even though Starmie is in the egg group Water 3, it's genderless and as such won't be able to breed with the other Pokemon in the group.

Being genderless overrides the egg group.

See this list of Genderless Pokemon for a list of them.

Genderless pokemon cant breed, they dont override the egg groups, they dont belong to any egg group.