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So I have a Haxorus, and I dunno if it should get dual chop or dragon claw.
Dual chop=less accuracy, able to OHKO sturdy Pokemon
Dragon claw=more accuracy

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Dual Chop
+ Breaks Sash
+Breaks Sturdy
+ Breaks Substitute
- Less Accurate

Dragon Claw
+ Higher Accuracy
- Susceptabl to sash sturdy and Subs.

Personally I would take Dual chop. The ability to break subs and sashes is pretty handy.
But Dragon claw is also good if you want to play it safe. and If Haxorus' ability is Mold Breaker Dragon Claw can still OHKO Sturdy pokes.

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you forget extra recoil from rocky helmet and rough skin.
^- that and the crit damages. Dual chop has a higher chance of crit due to hitting twice but Dragon claw's crit would do more damage because it's one higher damaging move hitting instead of two weaker.