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I have a shiny zekrom not from x and y or oras since it doesn't have the blue pentagon and people say in the other games before oras you couldn't get a legit shiny zekrom unless you hacked.
It is level 100 with HP of 341.
Attack=438 I got it through a trade with someone but I started having a closer
Defence=276 look at it since it is shiny locked in previous gens.
SP.Attack=339 Thank you.
SP.Defence=213 By the way my friend code is 2836-1209-6083
and has no item.


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I can tell you right here and now, IT IS HACKED, as you said in your post, Zekrom is one of the shiny-locked Legendaries, and if it is shiny and W/O the pentagon, IT IS HACKED. The best way to check if Pokemon are checked is to use a dichotomous key like I do, and if it is legal, I usually run it by a friend to get a second opinion. I usually give everything BUT legendaries the benefit of the doubt, and I usually suspect legends from the beginning, because they are often hacked. You can also use the memory checker.

Source: Experience in hacking, shinys, and hack checking!

Hope I helped!!

No I don't think a hacked Pokémon will result in a bad egg
How are do you get bad eggs then?
Aren't you not allowed to have pokemon master in your name, because ppokemaster is the owner of this site?
I believe it depends on how well or badly you hacked the Pokemon into your game. Could be wrong though :/
Lunar Xerneas, he said no pentagon
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See if these answers help. Signs of hacked Pokemon:
Source: https://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?qid=20140206074726AAVzRvw

Hope I helped! :)