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Maybe cause they're too rare?
GFL, man. GFL.
Wats GFL?
the logic o game freak
Game Freak Logic

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> A quite rare Poké Ball that has been crafted in order to **commemorate a special occasion** of some sort.


Now, obviously, this means Event Pokemon. As to why they wouldn't be allowed, the answer is staring right in front of us:

  • Nintendo wants people to participate in Event themselves
  • Event Pokemon "form a special bond" with the trainer, so you shouldn't trade them away
  • GTS Traded Event lose their worth in the world of Pokegen or other hacked Legendary Pokemon
  • If you can get it through the GTS, nothing really is 'rare' any more, meaning the idea of rare promotional events such as at movies will slowly be lost, as people will stop considering the prospect of an event, and choose to stream it later anyway, because hey, free stuff, right?
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Oh yes, I have formed such a bond with my pixelated Giratina-shaped piece of computer code XD Nice one, Game Freak.
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