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If you know attacker's (Special)Attack, defender's (Special)Defense and damage done?

(Asking because of Hidden Power)

My Milotic has HP Fire. If it's base power is over 60, it may be worth keeping it :D

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This is the formula for damage. So you would fill in the spaces that you know, and after that it is simple math to find out the base power. Or in your specific case you could get your Pokemon to level 50 or 100 then use an IV calculator to find out the IVs and Hidden power. Or if you are in Gen IV then you can do a Lvl. 100 Single instead of leveling up.


EDIT: As DT mentions in the comments, part of the modifier is a random number from 0.85 to 1.0. So this won't be totally reliable, but you can run it a few times and take the average.

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I know this answer is late, but I saw that it did not have an answer that answered the question that was asked.
It made more sense with the original answer since he was asking because he wanted to determine his pokemon's hidden power strength. You wouldn't be able to calculate it from the damage formula anyway since part of the "modifier" variable generates a random number from .85 to 1. Since you don't know what it is, you cannot solve for it. The other person gave an IV calculator as you suggested, so it did answer the question.
That's a good point, DT. I never realized the randomness was so high (up to 85% of the original damage!). However, you can estimate it by using the move several times.
You could estimate, but even a small margin of error can throw you off when using it since you have such a small range for what hidden power can be; by using the IV calculator, you get an exact value.
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use the calculator ^.^

Nice, I don't know IVs and I wasn't asking on this...but nice "^.^" :D :D