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Hi so I'm playing Oras and I'm on Route 113 and I want a good Klefki and I was wondering how I use the dex nav to get it I know the more search level you have the better but how do I increase it thankyou


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enter image description here

  • You will see the Pokemon's type, this may help you if you don't know what Pokemon is hiding.

  • You will see the Pokemon's level, this could help you to find out what level the Klefki that is hiding is at.

  • You see the Pokemon's potential (the stars on the right, middle of the picture) for each potential level, the hiding Pokemon will have an IV of 31 (One star= 1 IV of 31 Two stars= 2 IVs of 31 Three stars= 3 IVs of 31)
    You will see the Pokemon's ability, this if useful if you are looking for a certain ability or an HA Pokemon.

  • You will see the Pokemon's first move, this move is either a regular move that it learns by level up or an egg move. It can be useful if you are being lazy and don't want to breed for egg moves.

  • The Pokemon may also be holding a rare or common item, one example of a rare item is the Lucky Egg for Pelipper. An example of a common item for Pelipper is the Pretty Wing.
    Items that can be found with the dex nav

  • You can also use the dex nav to cain Pokemon. It's a bit complicated, but Ill try my best to explain it. Tap the icon of the Pokemon you want to search through the dex nav. Sneak up on it and when you encounter it, capture and defeat it. Next, search for that Pokemon again and do as the sentence in bold says. The more you chain the chances of getting better IVs, held items, egg moves, and hidden abilities increase. If you need a better explanation, go to my source.

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Wow thankyou so much wonderful answer it helped alot
3 stars is actually at least three perfect iv's,  can be more
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