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Its at level 62 with max happiness (footprint ribbon) and ive changed the time to night but still wont. It wont even evolve into espeon during the day before I changed the time. Am I missing something here?

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Did you change the time on your 3DS clock, if so time events won't work.
Even when i didnt change the time it didnt evolve
Did you trade it from another game?
No caught it using dexnev

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Changing the 3DS clock blocks time based events for 48 hours

It's a bad idea doing it. Just do it naturally. And don't worry. You're doing it all right, missing nothing.
Hope this helps!

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I didnt change the time clock until after i was having this probelm
It's after 48 hours
That means it's not at max happiness or it is a glitch.
And tanks sept
Is it a glitch?
If it is none of the above, it is.
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This is probably a glitch

Although changing the 3DS clock makes time events not work for 48 hours, you say you had this problem before you changed the clock as well. Seeing as your Umbreon has the Footprint Ribbon, it should have max happiness, unless this is a glitch.

Try levelling up one more time, it should work if this is not a glitch.

" Seing as your UMBREON has the footprint ribbon..."

It's still an eevee that hasn't become umbreon yet.
Simple typo, plus this post is almost a year old :v