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Okay so I was looking through Pokémon with the ability Swift Swim and I saw this:
enter image description here

What?! This thing is incredibly fast already, with Swift Swim..
So I decided to do some maths and if my calculations are correct..

Floatzel with Max EVs & IVs in Speed ~ 329

Floatzel with Max EVs & IVs in Speed, in the Rain with Swift Swim ~ 658

Floatzel with Max EVs & IVs in Speed, in the Rain with Swift Swim and a Choice Scarf ~ 987

Oh my..
Does any Pokémon beat this whopping 987?

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12096 is the max possible speed.
Deoxys-S + 252 Speed EVs + Boosting Nature + Tailwind + Choice Scarf + Full Speed Boosts (+6) + Skill Swapped Sand Rush with Sandstorm in effect = 12096 Max Speed.
This outstrips the speed of 1809 yet when I tested this (No tailwind but still over 1809), Deoxys was still affected by TR. ~ MrKijani answering one of my questions

So short answer: Nope
Long Answer: Nope.

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Think about it. 115 base speed. Get something faster at +6, Sand Rush in the Sand, and Tailwind. There it is! Now the fastest Pokemon in the game is Dexoys-Speed topping out at 504. +6 speed means multiplied by 4.
So 504 into 4 = 2016.
Tailwind Doubles. So 2016 into 2 = 4032.
Give it a Choice Scarf. 4032 into 1.5 = 6048.
Now just Skill Swap Chlorophyll, Sand Rush or Swift Swim onto it and use it in the respective weather conditions for the ability to activate.
6048 into 2 = 12096.
I don't think Folatzel even comes close. Magikarp is faster than Dialgia just in case you were curious :P

Hope this helps!

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