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For pretty much all the gyms in all the games you cant go into it immediately once entering the town/city, most of the time you have to earn your right to face the gym or something. Are there any cities/towns in all the games where you can just go in immediately?

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I think that you can go to pretty much all of the HG/SS kanto gyms without doing anything
This question doesn't make sense. Can you rephrase it or something?
He is asking if there are any gyms that you do not have to do a task or something to get to
yeah, it's really easy to understand. :P
and i would also like to know this :/
The answer: Yes

Which ones exactly I do not know, but I do know that quite  a number of games have  useless gyms in the first games of the region*

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My answers refer to "immediately" as in the sense of being able to go straight to the gym upon arrival in that specific town, without having to complete a certain task.

Kanto (Red/ Blue)

Pewter City & Brock
Cerulean City & Misty
Celadon City & Erika
Fuchsia City & Koga


Kanto (HG/SS)

Vermillion City & Lt. Surge
Saffron City & Sabrina
Celadon City & Erika
Fuchsia City & Janine
Seafoam Island & Blaine


Kanto (FR/LG)

Pewter City & Brock
Cerulean City & Misty
*Vermillion City & Lt Surge
Celadon City & Erika
Fuchsia City & Koga


Kanto (Gold & Silver)

Vermillion City & Lt. Surge
Saffron City & Sabrina
Celadon City & Erika
Fuchsia City & Janine
Pewter City & Brock
Seafoam Islands & Blaine


Johto (Gold & Silver)

Violet City & Falkner
Azalea Town & Bugsy
Goldenrod City & Whitney
Ecruteak City & Morty
*Cianwood City & Chuck
Mahogany Town & Pryce
Blackthorn City & Clair


Johto (HG/SS)

None. All require a certain task in order to be accessible.


Hoenn ( Ruby/ Sapphire/ Emerald)

Rustboro City & Roxanne
Dewford Town & Brawly
Mauville City & Wattson
Lavaridge City & Flannery
Petalburg City & Norman
Fortree City & Winona
Mossdeep City & Twins Liza & Tate


Sinnoh (Diamond/ Pearl/ Platinum)

Eterna City & Gardenia
Canalave City & Byron
Snowpoint City & Candice

I had to base this region off memory so, if I've missed one or added one that shouldn't be here let me know below please. My doesn't state that you have to go to the Oreburgh Mines in order to fight Roark, so I knew I couldn't go off of it completely.


Unova (B/W & B2/W2)

Striaton City & Trio Evaluators
Nacrene City & Lenora
Castelia City & Burgh
Nimbasa City & Elesa
Icirrus City & Brycen

Aspertia City & Cheren
Virbank City & Roxie
Castelia City & Burgh
Nimbasa City & Elesa
Driftveil City & Clay
Mistralton City & Skyla
Opelucid City & Drayden
Humilau City & Marlon


Kalos (X/Y)

Santalune City & Viola
Courmaline City & Ramos (Forgot he was a Leader)
Laverre City & Valerie
Anistar City & Olympia


*Means it required you to have an HM, in terms of it's first usage; onwards I found it unnecessary to mark others.

Hopefully I've Helped!

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in rse the mauville gym is closed until wally is defeated, the petalburg gym is closed until the lavaridge gym is defeated, and the sootopolis gym is closed until maxie (r) or archie (s,e) is defeated at the seafloor cavern, and rayquaza is awakened (e), and in platinum the pastoria gym is closed until the veilstone gym is defeated. in dp the hearthome gym is closed until the pastoria gym is defeated.
Okay, I'll double check. Thanks :)
I don't think you can fight Giovanni until you get the other 7 gym badges and he's defeated...
Couldnt fight Korrina until you Went to the Tower of Mastery
Thanks. :)

Sorry about the mistakes, if my source didn't explicitly state something was necessary I just assumed that we could just go into the battle.
the storylines might be slightly different in different games based in the same region. I also edited my comment to include more gyms that you missed.