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So I want to evolve my Eevee into Espeon, last night it tried to evolve into Umbreon (only logical choice, as I had no stones, or amie thing), and I cancelled it. Now during the day, it will not even try to evolve when leveled up, could the cancelling affect the happiness or something? (Pokemon Alpha Sapphire)

Also the said Eevee was transported from my previous save to this game I just restarted :)

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If Eevee has fainted during a battle or you fed it any bitter herbs or berries it'll lose happiness. Something you did likely decreased the happiness of the Pokemon. It's pretty unlikely that it was a glitch. Just try it again after winning a few battles and it should be good again, or give it a soothe bell.
It has not fainted at all. It was level 7 when it first tried, now it is level 15. (and I have only used potions on it)
thats really strange
Did you cancel the evolution to Umbreon then restart your save file? If so that's the problem. Its happiness would have reset in the restarting process. Raise its happiness as you did before and eventually it'll try to evolve again.
can you check its happiness?
Probably not at lv. 7.
If you move Pokémon around with bank they lose their happiness.

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  1. Find a Soothe Bell
  2. Let Eevee win a whole load of battles
  3. Pokemon Amie helps, but if it gets two affection hearts, don't let it know fairy type moves
  4. You can find certain berries that make the Pokemon happy, but lowers its certain stats.
  5. Find a Soothing Bag in Super Training
  6. In XY, you can find a woman in a house who'll massage your Eevee and you'll get friendship points.
This is for ORAS, not X/Y
But it's useful for people like me who want an espeon in x/y
Speaking of which, which city is the girl in?
There is a masseuse in both games.
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Max out happiness. Use items like zinc, etc. Then make sure it is day time and don't make it faint. Then for sure it will evolve into Espeon.

It can actually still evolve if it is fainted... but it will minus some friendship when it faints
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Lvl up eevee 21 levels. Then Lvl it up 1 more lvl in the morning. It should eolve into espeon. For some reason all my Pokemon that need friendship to evolve, evolve after I lvl em up 22 lvls.