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I'm planning of EV-training my Reshiram and teaching it a strong moveset, but I can't decide between two moves and I'm not sure what EV spread would be the best.

As for the moveset, I want to go for something similar to this:
- Draco Meteor
- Blue Flare
- Dragon Pulse
- Focus Blast
I found this moveset in the internet, and I pretty much like it, but I don't like Draco Mateor's recoil, and I would rather have Fusion Flare instead. I want to know if this is a good idea or if I should just stick to the original moveset.

Also, if someone could tell me what EV spread is the best for this set, please do, I'm new to all of the advanced training stuff ^^'


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For Reshiram, I think you found a great move set, but there are moves that I think that are unnecessary.

For example:
> 1) 2 Dragon Moves aren't serving you anything except more PP. Especially seeing that the stronger move "Draco Meteor" is basically weakening every time you use it (loss of SpA)
2) A strong fire type move that's trading off 30 base attack for 15 accuracy. In a way, this might be better if you love taking high risks for damage. Otherwise, take fusion flare since both fire moves have 5 PP, and you know you will hit every time with fusion flare.
3) A single fighting type move with very pretty low accuracy might sound terrible, but it's like the only fighting move he can learn - oppose from rock smash.

So, I think your finished move set should be this:
- Fusion Flare
- Dragon Pulse
- Focus Blast
- Earth Power
I chose Earth Power to finish it because it provides 3 extra type effectiveness plus the balance of his rock weakness - while still being neutral to the others. The other moves provide a great use of STAB and type effectiveness while still being strong.

For the EV spread, there are two possible choices:

252 SpA / 4 SpD / 252 Spe
> This spread strengthens all of his moves category while still making him a fast sweeper. The other 4 EV was uses to slightly strengthen his defense.

64 Def / 252 SpA / 64 SpD / 64 SpD

This spread strengthens the special attack category - for all his moves. The rest gives him good speed and defenses for battling.

This is pretty much my opinion, but your choice. A good nature for him would be either "Modest or Timid" with any item of your choice. Hope I helped! :)

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Personally I think Fusion Flare works best and when I battle I have it and it works really well but you can use Draco Meteor if you have a tank worth of a Reshiram to just absorb hits. But in my opinion Fusion Flare is best plus it is its signature move!

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Draco Meteor is better.

Justification being that you already have Blue Flare, which is actually stronger than Fusion Flare.

Also, from a more standard point of view, Draco Meteor's purpose to this set is to be the nuke button. Sometimes you really, really want to take out the opponent's Pokemon, but it has too much HP left to be taken out by any of your moves. Blue Flare has bad accuracy, and it can also be resisted by some types, so you don't want to use it. In these cases, Draco Meteor's immediate power is a immensely helpful.

TL; DR: Stick the original set, it's quite standard for a reason.

Hope I helped!