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I got a level 50 shiny dusknoir through wonder trade.

nature bold
Egg received: 5 27 2015
from daycare helpers
where: battle resort
It has the effort ribbon
it has a dusk ball where it shows them
It knows ominous wind
dark pulse
And strength

I am one of those people who are afraid of hacks very much
Is this a hack?
If so what do I do?

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you forgot ability

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The Dusknoir is probably not hacked, all of it's moves are legit. It gets Dark Pulse and Substitute through TM. It gets Ominous Wind as an egg move. It gets Strength through HM. It also got through wondertrade so it is most likely not hacked. If you have Pokémon Bank try depositing it, if it doesn't let the Pokémon in it may be hacked. If it does turn out to be hacked just release it, or whatever you want to do with it.
Hope I helped!
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