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So, I recently tried getting into the TCG. I know how it works and all as I used to play it back in like 2011, and Ive gotten myself to know the new rules and typings and the meta and such.

So, naturally I download the TCG Online. But when I do:

1) It usually takes about 30 mins to load up each time.
2) (Probably the biggest problem)... I dont really know how to describe this problem, but have a look at this: http://gyazo.com/c17759d10dc05437af4418676443a02e
Because that's what appears. Crazy right? I dont know what anything says, lt alone what Pokemon I have. I cant report this on the TCG forums as it just says I cant access the support thingy majigy.

I'm on mac btw, and yes I tried clearing the Pokemon Trading Card.unit thing and it didnt work. So, how do I fix it? PLEASE ANSWER! :D

this happens all the time. you can't fix it, it'll have to fix itself. i guess you could try to uninstall and reinstall though

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I've been playing the TCG on mac for a while now and every time it upgrades or changes anything I have to delete the program completely, restart my computer, reinstall the program, and restart my computer again. Super annoying but it works.

Mac is probably a very low marketshare for them so they are not exactly concerned about the upgrade experience for mac users.

Also I have had to follow these steps multiple times before it started working again. Something about the install process on mac is just broken and it's even more broken when you upgrade. Keep in mind you do not have to download it multiple times. Just run the dmg from your downloads folder after restarting your computer.

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