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Ok so I know that they're Individual Value and that unlike EV's you can't change em and that they range from 0-31 and all Pokemon have them and are given the second you meet them.

Now that that's out of the way can someone give me a more detailed explanation as to exactly how you can tell when a Pokemon has perfect IV's? Or how you can tell which of its stats has perfect IV's for that matter

Is there anything else that I'm missing? or I should know aside from this? THANKS IN ADVANCE!!


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You can tell which stat has a perfect IV by going to the IV Checker in most games. In X and Y, he is located in the Pokémon Center of Kiloude City. In ORAS, he is located in the Pokémon Center of the Battle Resort. He will ask to see a Pokémon. When you show him one, he will tell you how many of your Pokémon's IVs are 31 (perfect) or 0 (rock-bottom).

For example, say I have this cute little Eevee, and I take her to the judge. He tells me that she has good Defence and Speed, but her HP is pretty dismal. This means that
Eevee's Defence and Speed IVs are 31, and her HP IV is 0.

Be warned, however, that any stat he does not name can have an IV ranging from 1 to 30.

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I was wondering what that guy was meant for! Thanks this explains a lot! Thank you so much guys!
No problem man :)
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You can use an IV Calculator, like this one on Serebii, or this one on Psypokes, or this one on Marriland

You can also check it's Hidden Power, by teaching it Hidden Power. If it's Hidden Power Dark then it has Perfect IVs.

HP Dark is not perfect IVs, but a result of perfect IVs. Hidden Power is determined by the alternating odd/even numbers of a Pokémon's IVs. For example, the IV pattern


results in Hidden Power Ice.  However, this does not mean that just because a Pokémon has HP Ice it has an IV set of 31/30/30/31/31/31. Hidden Power Ice is caused by anything that follows the above pattern, like 31/12/4/31/19/23/23, or 1/0/0/3/15/31.

TL;DR Hidden Powers are a poor way of checking IVs, as they yield a pattern, not a specific number.
Oooh I see. So that's how Hidden Power becomes "individual" that's great to know! Thanks!