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The first time you beat the elite four and champion, you're awarded the title of champion, but how come the old champion still stands there and probably takes all the challenges? Sorry if that was confusing.


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I'd say it would be because:

  1. You (the trainer) want to keep training and getting better instead of battling people all day
  2. You (the trainer) is too young to take the place as the champion
  3. You (the trainer) has the old champion battle for you, so you can keep improving and catch new Pokemon
  4. In the Pokémon world, if a trainer defeats the champion, they have the title of champion but the champion who battles new trainers stays with the Elite 4 until they retire or something. So maybe there are many champions in the region, this can be comfirmed by how people say "So now you're a champion?" (Notice how they dont say the) and how some places dont let you enter because "It's only for people as strong as the champion"
  5. Game Freak wants you do to postgame things.
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The Pokemon games work differently. They won't give you the job of Champion if you win. You have to keep exploring the Pokemon world. Otherwise, the whole game would end there. You have to do endless battles and stay at the League. It's the way GameFreak made it. You are the Champion, in the honour sense.

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i'd think that in the original games, this would be hard to do. but from gen 5 onwards (or at least gen 6), this shoul be very possible. my guess is that if you accidentally defeat a legendary, you'll want to rebattle E4 in order to reset the event. but if champ isn't there anymore, who are you supposed to battle to do that?