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So a while back I got given a 6iv rotom through the wonder trade and was hoping I could breed it. Since it came through the wonder trade I thought it was a legit Pokemon however it wouldn't breed with any of the Pokemon I have in the amorphous egg group, so I thought it was because it was a traded Pokemon so I needed to breed my own using a ditto.

The problems I'm having however is that now I have multiple rotom's with 4iv's that i'm going to use to breed and get one with 5 or 6iv's when I go to breed them the message that pops up from the daycare lad is that "they prefer to play with other Pokemon" so there is a 0% chance of getting an egg from them, its the same for all of the 4iv rotom I have no matter the combination.
So my question is, what am I doing wrong/ what's the problem with the rotom I am hatching?

The only item I am using is the destiny knot, I'm playing Omega ruby and using the daycare on the battle resort.


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The reason you can't breed Rotom with other Pokémon in the Amorphous Egg Group has nothing to do with it being traded.
Rotom is a genderless Pokémon, so regardless of its Egg Group, it can only breed with Ditto. This is the same for all genderless Pokémon.

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Thanks for this, I just assumed that because it was in an egg group with other pokemon it could breed, my mistake then
No problem