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Maractus has really warmed up on me. It has decent attack, but it's defenses don't help much.

I was planning on leading with Ninjask and Maractus's potential partner. Ninjask would do the usual protect+Swords Dance+speed boost thing and baton pass it to Maractus. It's speed would be double thanks to two turns of speed boost and it's attack could be as well.

[email protected](not sure what item)
Nature: Jolly/Adamant
EVs : 252 Attack, 252 Speed, 4 HP
Needle Arm/Seed Bomb
Drain Punch
Knock Off

What Pokemon could work well together with Maractus? Any tips to help Maractus last longer on the battle field?

Is this Vgc or Certain Smogon Tier?
Either/or. I don't care about tiers but it might help.

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Politoed brings Drizzle, which will reduce damage of fire type moves that may be used on Maractus. Also, if your Maractus has Water Absorb, he can use surf to heal Maractus a bit. He also Gets Surf and Ice Beam to cover Maractus' Fire and Flying weaknesses.

Ninetails brings Drought, which if your ability is Chlorophyll will double Maractus' speed.He can also use any fire type move to counter Maractus' Bug weakness, and has access to a decent amount of Support moves like Safeguard and Confuse ray/Will-o-Wisp.

Cherrim can use Sunny Day to activate Maractus' Chlorophyll. And its own ability, Flower Gift will give Maractus a Boost to its Atk and Spdef. It gains access to some decent support moves like Aromatherapy,Worry Seed and Flower Sheild.

Florges has a ton of supportive moves for Maractus. Grassy Terrain Will power up Needle Arm/Seed Bomb(Seed bomb is preferable) and heal Maractus a bit every turn. Aromatherapy to heal status conditions, Light Screen/Flower Sheild to boost your defenses, and Safeguard to prevent the use of Status Moves on Him.

as for Maractus Jolly will help it outspeed threats anda Life Orb/Expert Belt can increase its damage.

Hope I helped.

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