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Say I got an Action Replay and hacked a Pokémon so it is identical to one I have, but the difference is that one is hacked and one isnt. How would someone be able to tell which is legit? Ive been told that pokebank recognizes hacked Pokémon as legit Pokémon if their stats, moveset, etc. isnt illegal.

Edit: No obvious signs either, like an OT of "55555" or anything

I'm asking what if it has an entirely possible moveset (and stuff). That answer says to try gts and pokebank, which sometimes let hacked mons through. My question asks for a Pokémon that can be legit and has no obvious signs of not being legit

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Guaranteed Hacked

  • Location: Where was it Caught? Can it be caught here? Was it a legendary hatched from an egg (other than manaphy)?
  • Level: What level was it met at? Is it possible to meet it at that level? Is it evolved before it's possible to be?
  • Stats: Are it's stats outside the possible max/min range?
  • Moves: Can it learn these moves? Are egg moves consistent with generation it hatched in? Are moves it knows consistent with the generation it was caught in (e.g. caught in Kalos but has egg/tutor move from diamond/pearl)?
  • Pokeball: Can this Pokemon be in this pokeball? (Liberty pass Victini in an event ball?)
  • Event Pokemon: Is it obtainable yet? (hoopa has not yet been released in americas and volcanion has not been released anywhere). It is possible to obtain with the specific method? (azure flute never released in Americas).
  • As grim time pointed out. Caught in Gen VI but Memory girl doesn't know it's original trainer.

Highly suspect (but not guaranteed to be ) hacked

  • 6 perfect IV's
  • In a master ball but probably shouldn't be (a bidoof in a master ball. Really?)
  • Shiny with 6 perfect IV's
  • Original trainer is a set of numbers or all uppercase

The Sad Truth

A Pokemon that is well hacked or cloned from an existing Pokemon is indistinguishable form a legit one. If it is caught in Gen 6 it is more difficult to hack than if it was transferred up but that doesn't guarantee legitimacy.

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You said that you tried GTS and Pokémon Bank. In that case, there is only one solution:

The Memory Girl

The Memory Girl is located in Anistar City in XY and in Lilycove City in ORAS. She is probably the most reliable hack check out there. Talk to her, and show her a Pokémon that you believe to be illegitimate. If she answers with the phrase,

>The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember…

at any time, the Pokémon is hacked. It can pass all other hack checks, but if it cannot pass the Memory Girl then it is a hacked / genned / injected Pokémon.

EDIT: I neglected to include this, as danielson317 pointed out. The above quote only means that a Pokémon is hacked if it has a blue pentagon. If it does not, then there is a good chance that it is not hacked. The same message is given for Pokémon transferred from previous generations. These will not have the pentagon.

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It says that for my event Pokémon that I got myself, which I know are legit. How would you tell for event pokemon?
This is not true. From the article you just linked to "Pokémon received from events or transferred from a Generation V game won't have any memories of their original Trainer; the Memory Girl will say "The Pokémon seems to have a good memory, but it doesn't seem to be able to remember..."

This means it may be a legit Pokemon Transferred from Gen V or received from an event. That is a lot of false positives. Many of my pokemon are from Gen V and this answer will encourage people to challenge their legitimacy.
This is a clever test but it needs to be qualified further.
What about events?