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When I restart White I want to learn from my experiences the first time I played it. Any suggestions for a well-rounded team? :)

Try to have a full elemental team, so you don't have weakness....

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I think you should go with:

Fire: Either Darmanitan or Chandelure
Water: Seismitoad or Samurott
Electric : Eelektross (Due to its amazing ability)
Try getting Zoroark (Cause it can easily solo the elite four)
Train these Four to around lv 50 evolve elektross at 49 and I guess you'll need two HM slaves .
For hm-slaves try : Panpour and Golurk .

Comment if you need move sets.

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Id chose Tepig as a Starter
Get a Lilligant
Frillish would be good to have
Sandile would make your team great
Beeheyem and Gigalith

Do you think Seismotoad might be better to have than Frillish?
Yeh why didn't I think of that!