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Hi I'm new here and I need help getting a Larvitar that knows Aerial Ace and Dragon Dance. Without thinking I used my one Aerial Ace on a male Tyranitar and saved the game, before I remembered chain breeding Dragon Dance (It's been years since I played this game).
Currently I'm looking for a female Lapras and a male Seadra to chain breed DD onto a Larvitar. But Males only pass down TMs and Egg moves in this Generation, Correct? Is it possible at all now for me to breed a Larvitar that knows both?
Oh and I didn't start with Charizard, unfortunately.

Thanks for your time and help if provided.

EDIT: Meant to spell Tyranitar not Pupitar sorry.

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But pupitar can't even learn aerial ace? nor can larvitar. only tyranitar can.
did you actually use AA on pupitar or did you mean to type tyranitar?

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You have a very big problem standing in your way. Larvitar cannot learn Aerial Ace.