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I've been using Emolga over wifi, and I keep seeing zapdos and thunderus, and its making me mad.
I've been fast enough to set up light screen then volt switch to musharna, but thats just babbling, even with a good nature, is he really worth keeping?


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Since you're using Emolga on Wifi, I'll put my full critique into it since I don't have to consider in-game aspects.

Emolga has a terrible time trying to compete with the other Electric/Flying types, both of which are legendary. Emolga, when compared to them, just can't compete.

Even as a Pokemon in general, it's just a terrible choice. I've seen many Pokemon with low stats still be used on Wifi because of their niche (Mawile and Weezing, for example). Emolga has low stats but that's not what makes it bad: it's stats re so horribly placed that it can't do anything!

This thing has nothing to set up with that Speed, its typing is pretty good, but most Pokemon online who learn Earthquake also learn Stone Edge. It has 75 attacking stats, 55/60/60 bulk, which is a joke, and Speed that still lets it get outrun by many threats.

Its movepool is pretty fair, intertwining two useful movepool aspects that come from Electric AND Flying-types. The problem is that, with its stats, it can't put any of it to use. Even with that Speed, it could be used to set up stuff in NU. Too bad it can only set up Light Screen, though.

So yeah, in short: Emolga is far from worth using. In fact, I'd recommend to never use it. Ever.

Yeah, thats what I thought, just making sure
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Dude try to understand this. EMOLGA IS WASTE.
It has MUCH LOWER than acceptable stats and I really recommend not using it .
Rather get EELEKTROSS because it has NO disadvantage the ground is covered with levitate .

I have one, it just wasn't level 50 lol, but I agree, I was just checking
Elektross' only drawback is it's bad speed.  It's ability to mostly ignore Ground moves (unless faced with Mold Breaker, Smack Down or Gravity) more than make up for that, tho.
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Well Emolga can be a good help later, because in the Elite Four, you have to battle a guy who only has fighting type pokemon. Flying type is fighting type's weakness. Emolga is not only a flying type, but an electric type too.

There are much better flying types to take on Marshal than Emolga; Sigilyph or Swoobat, for example.  The psychic/flying typing means either one takes 1/4 damage from Fighting moves.
Emolga is good for trade too this guy on Route7 will trade you Emolga for a gigalith.Thats the only place I know were to get one!