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I beat Cynthia on Tuesday, during a regular playthrough, and I struggled but I won.
My team was Empoleon Lv 53, Torterra Lv 51, Porygon-Z Lv 50, Luxray Lv 50, Magmortar Lv 51 and Staraptor Lv 53. I soft reset 3-4 times. I'm starting to think I should've trained them all to level 56-62. But where? How do people do that? Is it possible to even get to that level? Please help.

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the pokemon in victory road are high-leveled enough. try level grinding there. i'm currently doing that in Platinum.
I'm also grinding in Platinum. Cynthia's Garchomp destroyed me and my high level 40 pokes with ease :/
duh. it's level 62. I'm surprised that you even got past the elite 4 with a team of level 40s.
I used a ton of medicine.
medicine sometimes makes battles less fun, but it's only my opinion.

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If you beat them, then no. And the only place where those people power level their Pokemon like that is by running them headfirst into the Pokemon league over and over losing multiple times. Or by wasting their life in Victory Road.

Good luck with the post game!

I wasted my life in victory road. I actually took my Probopass back to route 105 to grind on shellos for hp. Come to think about it, people waste way more time breeding for perfect IVs.
breeding for perfect IV's  is completely pointless unless you're really trying to win actual live competitions. People who do that for in-game purposes or even casual online matches are wasting their time.  :-/