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Well unlike the other games I've heard the Victory road of unova region DOES NOT require ALL the HMs to get through.
So, can I know which ones ill be needing to get through to the Pokemon league.
My team is :
Samurott (Surf)

so, if I wont be needing more Hm-slaves can you advise me if I should add more Pokemon .If yes,WHICH?

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Are you talking about getting through Victory Road, or including the Pokemon League?
Getting through victory road means the same as reaching POKEMON LEAGUE!!

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You really don't need anything to get through. Surf and strength are good to have because you can get a lot of useful items from it. I think you need a ground type in your party so I'm going to suggest Gigalith. It has REALLY high defense so it's not killed easily, but it also has really good attack to deal out a lot a damage. I would also suggest a Braviary because 1) you'll be needing a flying type to beat the fighting elite four, and 2) it's good to teach fly to so you can get around faster. Fly is also good with Braviary since it has high attack.

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Thanks I hope thats true...
It is.  I've already been through and I thought I would need at least surf.  I was really surprised when I didn't.
My zoroark has areal ace and its too strong so that it can beat the elite four alone , my samurott is pretty weak. I'm gonna train these to a higher level in victory road . Thanks anyway.