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I have a golbat and eevee that I want to evolve into espeon


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There is a Girl in the Iccirus Pokemon Fan Club who can tell you your friendship as well as a girl in the southeastern house in Nacrene city who will as well.

Source: http://bulbapedia.bulbagarden.net/wiki/Friendship

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There are two places where you can check your Pokemon's happiness, Nacrene City and the Icirrus FanClub. The rate in Icirrus City will give you a better rating of your Pokemon's happiness in terms of being specific.

Nacrene City

"It's very friendly toward you! It must be happy with you." 120-255
"It's a little bit friendly to you… Something like that." 70-119
"Hmmm… It may still take some time." 0-69

Icirrus City

"It is super friendly to you! I'm a bit jealous!" 255
"It is quite friendly to you! You must be a kind person!" 195-254
"It is friendly to you. It must be happy with you." 150-194
"It is a little friendly to you… That's what I'm getting." 100-149
"The relationship is neither good nor bad… It looks neutral." 70-99
"Hmmm… It may not like you very much." 1-69
"By any chance, you… Are you a very strict person? I feel that it really doesn't like you…" 0