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So I just defeated Winona, and I have five Pokemon in my team already. However, I want to have one more before I end up challenging the Elite Four, but I'm not sure who. That's why I came here, to see what would be best for my team.

Here's my team so far:


Gippy (AKA Swalot)

Lvl. 37

Moves: Sludge Bomb, Yawn, Toxic, Stockpile


Sanskrit (AKA Masquerain)

Lvl. 37

Moves: Bubble Beam, Silver Wind, Air Cutter, Quick Attack


Feraligatr (No nickname due to him being traded :/)

Lvl. 41

Moves: Ice Fang, Leer, Crunch, Water Gun


Dragonfly (AKA Vibrava)

Lvl. 36

Moves: Dragon Breath, Crunch, Rock Slide, Earthquake


Flare (AKA Blaziken)

Lvl. 37

Moves: Quick Attack, Blaze Kick, Rock Tomb, Double Kick

Note #1: I'm thinking of switching out Sanskrit for somebody else, but again, I'm not sure who. So, if you could give me a few options regarding that, that would be greatly appreciated!

Note #2: Also, please do not suggest Skarmory, Absol, Manectric, or Aggron (as well as any legendaries), as those Pokemon I've already used in a previous playthrough.

You should nickname it maybe squirky or water bug .

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Get either Tentacruel or Lombre. It's good for in-game and has good stab and makes a great hm slave. You can decide the moves for yourself. If you want sweeper or defense that's your choice.

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Lombre/Ludicolo seem to be a good choice, but I don't exactly want two water-types on my team. However, I may have to go with that if I don't think of any more solutions. Thank you for your answer!
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Get rid of swalot and masquerain. Poison serves little purpose in this game (even less in the E4), and masquerain is a statistically poor choice with plenty of type weaknesses. I'd suggest Gardevoir, Manectric (with mega stone), and perhaps an Absol. If this is just for in-game purposes, don't bother with defensive Pokemon.

I'm probably going to get rid of Masquerain, yeah, but I'm going to keep Swalot; I've never actually ran a playthrough with him, and I figured I'd keep him all the way through. I might pick up Gardevoir, partly because the other two pokemon you listed I've asked to not be suggested, as I already played them before. I'm also thinking of picking up a Shuppet to evolve into Banette. Thoughts?

Thank you for answering, by the way! I appreciate it.
Personally i've never relied on ghost types much,  but it might be a good choice. The main reason why i suggested Gardevoir is so you'd have something to use against dragon-types (since flygon isn't much of a reliable defense against dragons), and i have to admit, i missed the part where you said you preferred not to use Absol or Manectric, I wouldn't have suggested them if i did. Still, having an electric type isn't a bad idea. One of the few other options would be Magneton/Magnezone, or Electrode.